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Hi! You might be wondering what this wiki is about, simple! This wiki encourages users to create and develop their very own Fanmade Titans from the Attack on Titan Series, you can create your own shifter and titan, your own abilities and lore, your own character, and your very own battles, the amount of shifters and titans that you can create is infinite, make as many of them as you want!

You can also create also an entire story if you so wish! For example, what was your shifter's role during the Battle at Stohess District, did your shifter help Annie escape? Or did you fight side by side with Eren and took her down? What are your shifters motivations? Does he fight for the Eldians or Marley?


  • Your Titan and Titan Shifter has to be a developed by using the Attack on Titan Lore has an example, so don't create anything that's not similar to that please.
  • Your Titan can serve Marley or Eldia, whatever you wish!
  • You can create an entire alternate story of Attack on Titan, with your Shifters and Characters!
  • Your work has to be categorized with your nickname, in order to keep everything in place and don't create confusion.
  • You are not allowed to vandalize or edit another user's work, unless he\she's okay with that.

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